Enjoy food? Interested in in cooking? Want to know some trade secrets? Then Join Stef’s Cookery Demonstrations. In a relaxed atmosphere, watch him prepare a variety of dishes, sample the food and come away with an idea of how to make restaurant type dishes at home. The afternoon just flies by and is fun too!

S. Towns, Bridport

If you are thinking of learning Italian I would strongly suggest you give it a go. Languages don’t come easily to me but  I have persevered and am very pleased I have done so. We have an excellent teacher. She is very supportive, encouraging and patient. She makes the class fun. We work in small groups for 2 hours with a drink and home make cookie halfway through.

Serenna Davies

If you are looking for a relaxed and enjoyable way to learn Spanish then this is the perfect way to learn. I only knew ‘Hola’ and ‘Adios’  but in three terms have progressed to understanding conversations, doing presentations and being able to hold an everyday conversation in Spanish. A perfect mix of the atmosphere in the Olive Tree venue, Wine and Tapas and most importantly the informal way of teaching made this the perfect way for me to learn the language as well as some of the Spanish cultures along the way.

Buena Suerte ! Dom Tancock

Joel is kind and patient  He conducts the lesson in excellent French with a lovely, clear accent  He takes the time to explain how and why parts of the language work as they do, which helps me a huge amount as I need to understand before I can use it. The last session was great and the hour and a half flew by and, I think, some of us were disappointed to finish 10/10.

Sue Dymock, Bridport.

We love our Film Making (for kids) class – it’s more than fun, it’s super fun!!!

Eva Luna and Tabitha (aged 9)

Very friendly, supportive and non threatening atmosphere. The Tutor builds on your knowledge week by week very skillfully : listening, speaking, reading, writing, working alone, in pairs and groups. Wow!  When I look back over the 30 sessions, I can’t believe what I managed to learn..I went to Italy in May, and got around, ordered food, coped in a strike… and all in Italian, thanks to the course.

LG, Weymouth

The archaeology course has been most enjoyable and informative and we have a great tutor! Thanks for making it possible.

Dave Wicken

We are a small, friendly group, having our little class upstairs at a Master Baker’s is much better than in an impersonal classroom.   Coffee & patisserie are good too!

Dianne Bithrey, Weymouth

Really enjoy Beginners Italian held at the Phoenix bakery in Weymouth. Good variety of activities in the lesson. Diana, our teacher, gives us a lot of encouragement. So well motivated I actually enjoy doing the homework.

Alan Weir Beginners’ class, Weymouth

Thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish lessons at the Olive Tree. Although the lessons were fun we were certainly there to learn, ‘la profesora’ kept us on our toes.

Carl, Bridport.

I would like to thank you very much for the French classes that I have been attending for some time. I enjoy them because they are very friendly and informal, but we also learn a lot and I am sure my French has gone up a level. Of course the coffee and patisserie are a treat enjoyed by the whole class.

Jane Fowler

A varied and fun way of expanding your knowledge and use of the French language. The small size of the groups and the friendly nature of the tutor makes learning enjoyable – and the cakes aren’t bad either.

Sue Dymock

We found the Spanish classes most enjoyable as well as very helpful. Over three terms we progressed from barely knowing a word to being able to correspond with a Spanish friend.

Clive and Julia Baynes.