3 Minute Tutorials:

Our mission was to take some challenging aspects of learning a language, and in under 3 minutes, demystify them! Unscripted and off the bat, Love Learning tutors sought to tackle some of your linguistic demons!

More to follow…if you have a suggestion for future tutorials, get in touch!

Basic grammar

Relevant to all languages. School may feel like along time ago and that lesson on basic grammar might need revisiting! Not sure what are nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs etc? Refresh your memory with this 3 minute tutorial with Love Learning founder Penelope Frigon

Italian Reflexive Verbs

3 minute tutorial on reflexive verbs in Italian: how they work, how to conjugate them – Get started, with Love Learning tutor Diana Denham

French – How to express continous present

How to express, in French, actions that you are in the process of doing using “Je suis en train de + infinitive” by Love Learning French tutor Joel Baker

Spanish Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

What is an object pronoun and in particular, what’s the difference between indirect and direct? This short video gives you an idea.

Italian Prepositions

Need help understanding Italian prepostions? Listen to Love Learning tutor Diana explain in under 3 minutes, the ins and outs of these pesky little words.

Portuguese greetings and times of the day

Learn how to greet people in Portuguese according to the time of the day. Also which are the correct prepositions to use when referring to events taking place at a certain time. Love Learning tutor Joel Baker explains the differences.